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Nancy Haberman
Dear Doug, Jeremy and Kyle:

Thank you for getting my kitchen done ahead of time and with such perfection. I look back on it and have never in my life known of anyone who has had such a smooth remodel! NEVER. I guess part of it was luck but mostly it was the skill and knowledge of you and your great team.

As you know, selling my home has been a huge decision and a very emotional one. I love the house now more than ever but do feel that this is the right move. Having the kitchen done in such a beautiful way made everyone who came through just entranced with the house. I felt proud to show my house. If I had not done it I would have been embarrassed of the dated and worn look.

I felt an immediate liking for the folks who ended up buying my home. I hope that in the future I can still come and visit from time to time. They have lived just down the hill since 1998 and it is too bad that we didn’t meet years ago.

I am already planning projects for the new place. One thing I am going to be frustrated with is the size of the bedrooms. It would be nice to do something to enlarge them, or at least remove the wall between the 3rd bedroom and the “master” (not) to create a nice large master. I couldn’t think of any other team than yours to do the work.

Thank you again; you have no idea how much I appreciate your attention to schedule and details.

Nancy Haberman
Seattle, WA

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